chunky knit blankets Guide

You might be thinking about purchasing a throw blanket or a baby blanket for your living room or perhaps just a gift for a loved one to enjoy in their home. There are several things you want to think about before making your purchase. If you are purchasing this throw blanket for your own space, imagine the activities in that room. Will you be watching television with the family? Is this a space where you will be eating meals, such as a lunch in front of the television on a coffee table? Or is this where you relax with friends and family to catch up on all the latest world events and general chit-chat?

You also want to consider what you see in the space. Is your living room perfectly decorated already? Do you have a color scheme that you want to stay with? Do you have a particular style in this room that dictates the types of decorations that would work here? Is it a cozy space? A large room with little furnishings? Is the weather near your home typically very warm (think about Florida or Arizona), or is the weather in your neighborhood typically very cold (think about Alaska or Maine). This could make a big difference in the materials that you are choosing, such as lightweight, breathable materials in the heat or perhaps chunky knit blankets for the cooler temperatures.

A throw blanket could be used either for decoration on a couch, or perhaps for functional purposes such as to keep warm or just to get romantic with your significant other in front of a roaring fireplace together. The size of the throw blanket will come in various widths and lengths. The most common size would be a 50” x 60” throw, but baby blankets could be much smaller. The materials for these blankets are almost too numerous to name them all, but common fabrics would be fleece, cashmere, polyester, and cotton. You might be able to find reversible throw blankets that have two sides and two colors, or you might be able to find printed throw blankets that have patterns printed on them. Stripes and geometrical designs are something that can bring some needed pizazz to your space! Also, don’t forget about some additional pieces to complement your throw blanket such as complementary colored pillow near the blanket.

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Don’t forget to think about how to style your throw blanket and position it in the room. You can lay the throw blanket over the sofa diagonally, leave it hanging over the edge and touching the floor, or just lay it over the sofa arms. Try it in several different positions, take photos with your camera, and then get plenty of opinions on where it looks best!

Cleaning your throw blanket is a final important point here. If you are using the throw blanket daily, eating near it (or on it), and have several family members that are constantly using it, I would suggest that you wash your throw every two weeks. If it’s more for decoration and it hardly gets much use, then you can push it out to one cleaning per month. Change your throws often to vary up the look in your home and keep your throws looking like new!

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