How to Paint a Garage Floor

While preparing for painting a garage floor, you have to clean the concrete thoroughly and repair any damage. Remove oil and grease, rinse the degreaser and let the floor to dry. In case of heavy stains, you must have a pressure washer to remove them all altogether. The Tools and materials you must have to include a Trowel (if needed), BroomWet-dry vacuum, Degreaser, Stiff brush, Detergent, Bucket, Pressure-washer (if needed), Paintbrush, Paint roller, and roller covers, Grinder or sander (if needed), Chemical-resistant clothing, gloves, and goggles (if needed), Concrete patching compound (if needed), Concrete waterproofer (if needed), Etching solution or muriatic acid (if needed) and Latex concrete floor paint.

Garage floor paint works best if the surface has a rough texture, and this can be achieved by using an etching product or muriatic acid. Wash twice to achieve that texture, and if you are painting over the old paint then you can get a smooth surface by using a power grinder or sander.

Apply the first coat of concrete paint by thinning the first coat with little water and use a paintbrush for the first coat as it works better than a roller for working the paint into the surface. Thoroughly brush the surface and allow it to dry.  Apply the thickest second coat of the paint with a brush and roller and then use a third coat, especially if the concrete is heavily textured. Now you can clean the tools with soap and keep your attention on the drying time.  The paint usually takes few hours to show the final result, so the better approach is to let it dry for a full day and wait for a week to use your garage for working purposes.  If you want to know more information feel free to contact Garage Door repair Woodbridge .

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