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Before you plan on selling your home, you probably had the thought cross your mind: “how could I spruce things up to raise my home’s perceived value?” or at least something along those lines. Everything from new carpeting, to HVAC, to paint, landscaping, electrical, and other repairs will need to be considered. One thing that may be overlooked more often than not is your home’s plumbing and water heater conditions.

The last thing you need is a prospective buyer’s strict home inspector hitting you with outrageous requests due to your home’s plumbing and water heater conditions. Negotiating home purchases that are contingent on repairs or replacements play a major role in your home’s sales process. You will need to come to an agreement with the buyer on whether you should replace and repair your water heater and plumbing issues out of your pocket or lower your selling price. One thing is for sure, either way it could cost you more money by not addressing the issue yourself before putting your home on the market.

Here are two major things to consider fixing or replacing that will raise your home’s value before putting it on the market:

Sewer Condition

If you lived in your house for quite some time, chances are there have been things other than toilet paper that have made it down your drain and into your piping. Things such as baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, jewelry, paper towels, and hairballs are just some of the things that could begin to clog your home’s sewer system. Having a reliable plumbing company run a sewer scope (with a camera) through your home’s sewer pipes to ensure there are no clogs, provides a major peace of mind to prospective buyers – especially if they are considering buying an older home. Have this addressed and fixed before listing your home.

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Water Heater

You actually lived and used your home. This includes the daily use of showers, kitchen faucets, washer machines, and dishwashers. What do all of these have in common? They all are depending heavily on your water heater to produce warm to hot water as needed. Your water heater works hard. While they typically last 10-15 years (tankless water heaters as much as 20 years), this number may vary depending on your maintenance and usage over the years. Having your trusted plumber take a look at them to diagnose their condition is a wise decision before planning on listing your home for sale. This will give you time to repair or replace your water heater on your terms. You will not have to deal with a prospective buyer’s inspector stating that your water heater is in worse condition than it really is, or a buyer requesting a more expensive water heater than necessary. You want to make the home sales process as smooth as possible. The more flawless and move-in ready your home is, the more leverage you have when negotiating a sale price. The last thing a buyer wants when purchasing a home is more initial out of pocket expenses. They may simply not have the extra cash reserves to buy a new water heater or be willing to pay the $5 less on their mortgage because you offered to take the water heater cost out of the home price. They would prefer having all the cash flow they can get up front because they already may have other heavy expenses such as moving costs, closing costs, and down payments that have tied up all their liquid cash reserves. Having a well working water heater gives them the peace of mind they want.  Replacing or repairing your water heater will not only increase the value of your home, but it will also provide trust between the potential buyer and the homeowner. It shows that you have probably took great care of your home over the years, making your home more appealing to potential buyers when they know that everything, including the water heater, is up to date.

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