Tips When Choosing an Exterior House Painter

Choosing the right house painter to bring your dull home back to life can be described as a tough decision. Many factors can affect your selection on who you want working at your home: reliability, price, insurance, warranty, and references are merely to name a few.

Here are our top three factors you should consider whenever choosing an exterior house painters:

Picking house paint colors isn’t just difficult; it can be terrifying! If you choose colors that are boring and blah, your house will seem to be flat and featureless, but if the paint colors are too bold, they can overwhelm the architecture or may infuriate the neighbors. The potential rewards are substantial, though. Setting it up just right by choosing the perfect exterior house color and trim combinations can transform your life.

As you consider paint colors for you home’s exterior, keep in mind that the best paint colors are the ones that highlight the most amazing highlights of your home. That’s one reason to know a little bit about residential architecture since history can let you know a lot about what colors have worked for various house styles over the years. Also remember that skillful use of color can sometimes disguise design flaws, boosting the curb appeal and market value of your home.

Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors
How do you find that magic color combination? Below, we suggest 12 specific techniques and tips as it pertains to choosing your house color. And please note that no expert ever suggests buying a paint color because it’s on sale or because your painting contractor can get you a deal!

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Honor History
If you’re planning to paint a mature home, you’ll probably want to use a historically accurate color scheme. One way to do this is by a simple form of archeology-you can hire a pro to dig down to old paint layers on your siding and trim to investigate them and recreate the original color of your house. Or, you can refer to a historic color chart and choose shades which were common during the time your home was built.

Are they Established and Well-Respected?
It’s important to understand whether you’re finding a well established house painting company with insurance, worker’s compensation and an accredidation from the Better Business Bureau. If not, you might be dealing with a fly-by-night company that could leave you holding the bag if something goes wrong. Keep in mind that it does cost slightly more to employ a company with insurance, etc but it is well worth it will anything fail.

Ask for References
The most common way to choose painting contractors is through references, word of mouth, and tours of their prior work. A well regarded company can give you references from past customers who had similar work done. The best painting contractors tend to be those that distinguish themselves with better communication. Obtaining a quality paint job should be the minimum expecation. Are you going to manage to communicate concerns with them and will they keep you informed about the schedule or any problems?

How to Find More Information On Painting Contractors
Look around the web for house painting contractors in your area and you may most likely discover some outstanding resources to teach you about them. Ask to see copies of their liability insurance certificate as well as their worker’s compensation certificate. Ask for references and take the time to get to know the contractor personally to ensure you’ll have the ability to communicate well together.

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